May 15, 2014

My Easiest Sale Ever

by Hooman Hamzehloui

My easiest sale ever was a transaction that I will never forget. I got a phone call from a client who we will call “Mr. M” regarding a vacant lot that was for sale. He said, “Hooman, you have a pen and something to write on? Write down this address and this phone number. Offer him $1,700,000 with a $50,000 dollar escrow deposit, closing in 90 days. I want a 45 day architectural review period to see if my plans will fit the lot. After the 45 days review, my escrow deposit will be non-refundable and we will close in 45 days or less.” I said, “Got it. Anything else boss?” He said, “Yes, go by and take a look at the lot and tell me what you think.” That was the easiest $51,000 dollars that I have ever made.

Mr. M was a super savvy real estate developer who knew his way around a real estate transaction better than your average real estate agent. He didn’t need me to help him. He could have made the phone call himself and made that offer without my services. Making the call himself could have saved him that $51,000 off the purchase price. He called me to represent him because he knew the value of professional representation. As savvy as he was when it came to real estate, he was smart enough to know that he was better off using my services.

You wouldn’t represent yourself in a court of law for a serious case even though our judicial system says it is okay to. You wouldn’t stitch yourself up if you need some stitches even though the required materials may be at your disposal.

When it comes to something as serious as a real estate transaction, having the best representation can make or break the deal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people represent themselves in a real estate transaction and the results were disastrous often ending up in litigation. I’ve seen people overpay for property. I’ve seen people who bought property from scam artists who stole their money. I’ve seen for sale by owner home sellers sell their homes drastically below what I could’ve sold their home for. A professional real estate agent is worth their weight in gold and then some.

I had successfully closed 8 homes with Mr. M. I always took him great deals to buy. I always got him top dollar for the homes I sold for him. The easiest people to do business with are the people that you have performed amazing work for before. That is why 90% of my clients have been referrals of past clients.

Here are just a few of the reasons why it is imperative to have a professional representing you.

  • Performance - I’ve held record after record for the highest priced sale in neighborhood after neighborhood. I don’t ever recall beating a for sale by owner’s record for performance.
  • Negotiations - Top agents are expert negotiators.
  • Proper Pricing - I’ve sold homes for drastically more than my competition. If I know pricing better than my competitors, I most definitely have the average home owner beat too. I’ve yet to have a homeowner complain about more money.
  • Expertise - Mr. M knew a lot about real estate but was smart enough to know that I knew so much more.
  • Market expertise - No one knows my market better than I do. Data ranging from average days on the market, price per square foot, median & average sales prices, crime or demographic statistics & more.
  • Agent provides protection - Protection from unqualified buyers, noisy neighbors who want to see your home.
  • Real estate contract expert - If the average client knew how much paperwork goes into a real estate transaction they would go running for the hills.
  • The countless phone calls - Calls to mortgage brokers, title companies, organizing home inspections, termite inspections, mold inspections & more. There’s a reason my phone works 8,000 - 9,000 minutes a month.

There are so many other reasons to hire a professional to represent you in a transaction. I only listed a few of the reasons. If you are going to hire a professional and you want an ordinary performance, please call one of our competitors. They will do a good job. If you want an extraordinary performance, then Masters Realty will be thrilled to cater to your highest expectations.

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